Im going to keep this short for a couple reasons; primarily because I wouldn't call myself a blogger in any way shape or form and I know just as much as any other person in our age group that we have the attention span of a literal slightly undercooked hot pocket. My name is Josue (ho-sway not joe-sue) Concepcion but most people know me as "Swaizy" and im the creator of divine outcast.


As a drastically struggling middle schooler, I always had a hard time focusing on academics for the simple reason that it didn't interest me. I know that sounds really lazy which, yes it technically is, but I think deep down inside I had a feeling that I wouldn't necessarily need this information to further what I wanted to actually do for a living. Before I became this world renowned, highly successful, and glorified kids bop rapper, my first passion was clothes design and modern fashion. Although it definitely looked like I had only enough fashion sense to merely be able to put clothes on, I actually fell in love with fashion and modern street culture as an art form. From there I remember being totally fixated on the idea of creating my own clothing company, and because of this fixation I nearly failed out of my eighth and ninth grade year with less than a few points in order to be allowed to continue attending my high school. 


I remember it like it was only a few years ago, because it was... well only a few years ago when I came up with the name. I knew i wanted the brand to represent me as a person and what I stood for in hopes of starting conversations of not religion but relationship with the lord. I knew what he had done and is still doing in my life and what he could do for others. As a kid throughout my life there has been many times where I have felt like an outcast, like i don't really truly belong, or even when I have felt unwelcome, but I knew that these things weren't necessarily bad they were just part of who I am, and instead of feeling ashamed about myself I decided to embrace it. See although we are all flawed and all sinners this doesn't mean we worthless or less than. The way society views you doesn't have to define how you view yourself or more importantly how GOD views you. 

  • According to the dictionary the word "DIVINE" is defined as being of, from, or like GOD (which we all are)
  • And according to the dictionary definition of "OUTCAST" it is a person who has been rejected by society or a social group.

DIVINE OUTCAST then simply translates into a person of, from, or like GOD cast out of society or a social group.

The biggest and best example I can find of fitting the definition of truly being a "DIVINE OUTCAST" is one of my biggest mentors. Jesus Christ himself was "DIVINE" in the ultimate sense of the word, yet he was taunted, tortured, and murdered by society. Even the most perfect being ever to step a foot on this earth was an outcast, and that says a lot of us as a generation and society. Although these two words seem worlds away from each other and starkly different, when placed together it accurately and elegantly defines a generation of GOD FEARING youth HUNGRY for the LORD and the spread of his everlasting LOVE. 


Now that you have a deep knowledge and understanding of my vision it was time to bring my vision to fruition. After years of research, time, trial and error, and a lot of losses, I can finally say DIVINE OUTCAST CLOTHING is exactly where I wanted it to be ever since the beginning back in eighth grade when I was a confused academically challenged chubby hispanic kid that dressed like if i didn't know if i was going to a pizza party with my friends or a funeral. 

I have completely rebranded divine outcast clothing from a mid-tier streetwear brand, to a high-fashion clothing company utilizing only the best quality, designs, and material, with the same core message of furthering the modern culture of the LORDS KINGDOM.


I know I said I was gonna keep this short but there is way too much that I need to say. So I will be creating a shorter blog post on my vision for the future of not only DIVINE OUTCAST as a brand but as a media company, music collective, and blog. Stay Tuned.


If you read this all the way through, I truly appreciate your time :D

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