Introducing Cooper Hill.

Introducing Cooper Hill.

Cooper Hill is a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer from Oklahoma who has been involved with music since he was 8 years old. Writing has always been an expression for him, which probably stems from his love of reading. He dropped his first song at 16years old and has been consistent with music ever since.

Cooper is very experimental with his sound as he is not limited to genre. Formally known as “Coop”, he first made a name for himself as an up and coming rapper in the CHH community. He accomplished a lot in that time, such as charting #2 on the Christian iTunes charts and #24 in the world for his songwriting, signing a record deal before graduating high school, becoming a Rapzilla Freshmen and moving to Nashville to transition to pursuing music full-time.

Since rebranding to “Cooper Hill”, expect continued releases mixing pop, rap, and various other genres. Cooper doesn’t plan on slowing down as he sets his eyes on garnering 1 million monthly listeners next year, writing a book in the future and inspiring the next generation of artists, writers, and poets through music that transcends and transforms his listener’s minds.

Author: Joshua Samuel

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Best young artist I know.

Joe White

I’m Cooper Hill’s Biggest Fan! CONFRIMED!


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