Introducing Henrik.

Introducing Henrik.

Henrik Hoeldtke is a 20-year-old Christian artist from Woodstown, New Jersey.
"856 represent," said Hoeldtke. Hoeldtke has been making music since he was in the sixth grade. "I started making music on my mom's iPad on GarageBand...I would make little beats using Apple loops and I would make little raps on the iPad. As I got older I started using the computer and kept going from there," said Hoeldtke.

Hoeldtke said he started off making rap music and his upcoming debut album "Poster Child," is all pop-punk – but he would love to get into country music. "I would love to be a country music person, but I don't have the voice for it – but I would love to," said Hoeldtke. Hoeldtke stated he wants to be realistic and vulnerable in his music and wants people to feel comforted by the music he makes. "I want them to have something they relate to and feel comforted by and the fact that they're not alone in whatever they're going through," said Hoeldtke.

Hoeldtke said he wants people to listen to "How to be Free," first if they've never heard any of his music before. It's a song off of his debut album "Poster Child," "It's one of my favorite songs I've made," said Hoeldtke. His upcoming debut album "Poster Child," is one of his proudest accomplishments along with the first time he hit a million streams on one of his songs.

"That was crazy to me man cause a year before that I had five plays on SoundCloud and I was boutta quit music and then a year later a million streams," said Hoeldtke. With "Poster Child," on the way, Hoeldtke said he is extremely proud of this project. "I've been working on it all year and honestly that's prolly one of my proudest accomplishments," said Hoeldtke.

Author: Kalkidan Mulugeta

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I love how open you are about your faith! Thank You so much for making amazing music!!

Josh Wager

I am the music teacher at a Christian school in Kansas. We would like to perform the song “Stuck” for our upcoming spring concert in April. Do you have a soundtrack that we could get a hold of or some piano lead sheets?

Sonya Pearson

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