Introducing Swaizy.

Introducing Swaizy.

Swaizy is a 20-year-old Christian hip-hop artist originally born in Hawaii but now lives in Georgia. Swaizy's music is mostly rap but he has also done other genres like pop, RnB, and hyper-pop.

If someone has never heard his music before Swaizy suggested listening to "Fairytale," first. "It's not like a lot of the rap songs I've done and I think it's my first hyper-pop song that has true meaning," said Swaizy. He said he would love to dive into Spanish music like reggaetón or bachata. "Just dive deep into my roots with that stuff 'cause I really love and grew up with that type of music," said Swaizy.

Swaizy has been making music since he was around 10 and has been pursuing it seriously for the past three years. "I have videos of me rapping in church probably since I was like first instrument was the drums and then I played violin in high I've always loved music," said Swaizy.

Swaizy said he wants people to understand who he is from his music "Music for me is a point in your life, so the point in my life where I write a song, that's how I'm feeling in that moment, so I'de love for people to see a progression or a story through that, as i navigate the many struggles our generation has." said Swaizy.

Swaizy said winning Rapzilla's contest for best song at A3C in Atlanta was when his life changed. "I just had so many connections after that... people that I listened to their music back then, now were my genuinely good friends" said Swaizy. In the future, Swaizy wants to create an EP sometime soon and build Divine Outcast and make it an influential media company. "Truly expand that and elevate that to a level creatively that just isn't seen in our space" said Swaizy.

Author: Kalkidan Mulugeta

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I would like to book Swaizy for a church block party on June 10th, 2023. Please let me know how I can get in contact.

Ken Cruz
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