Introducing gio.

Introducing gio.

Gio is a hip-hop/pop artist from Boston currently living in Lynchburg Virginia. Growing up in the church, “gio.” found himself surrounded by gospel music at a very young age.

As a child, he always enjoyed creative writing and poetry, eventually leading him to share his work with the rest of the world. Gio hopes to bring a whole new look to worship with the intensity of his various pop/hip-hop sounds. He wants his audience to understand that they’re not alone in their walk with God when they listen to his music and that through doubt and deliverance, they are not left stranded.

Gio’s proudest moments include his song “burn for u” being added to the New Music Friday Christian playlist on Spotify especially after debating with himself
on whether to release it. He said that this moment for him was definitely a God thing and a wake up to the calling over his life. 
Gio plans to expand his sound and experiment with other genres such as indie and more.

He believes that there is a need for creativity in the Christian music world and therefore doesn’t want to put any barriers on the art that he makes. Gio also hopes that by branching out he can inspire the next generation to follow and create freely with their God given gifts.

Author: Joshua Samuel

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Love his music


He definitely ticked a box off from his hope of giving Christian music a new look.👏


New Christian artist obsession??


New Christian artist obsession??


“We fine” is the best yet!!!!


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